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Ivan’s Story: Update

Ivan meme 1I’m receiving so many emails and Facebook messages asking about Ivan’s Story that I thought I would write an update here and give you a little teaser. I posted part of the first chapter in my newsletter a week ago so if you’re not signed up, click the button on the right and you’ll get new release information there first.

I knew going into Ivan’s book that I would face a few internal problems with the characters. Talya is a spoiled brat and needs to grow up. Ivan hates the cats because they killed his mate in book I, Amy’s Story. I asked myself what would change Talya and bring her back to the lovable teenager from Zenya’s Story. Well the answer was another guy, someone special. No, not Ivan because she’s not ready for him in the beginning of the book. I needed someone who could help her realize what she threw away by going after Dmitri.

Rondy is human, and a wannabe gang banger who helps Talya out after she saves his life. He doesn’t come from a background any better than Talya’s and together they discover what friendship really means. Yes, Ivan is waiting in the wings but he doesn’t know it yet. With no cats to kill, he’s wallowing in self pity again. It’s going to take a wiser more mature Talya to finally tame Ivan.

I wish I could give a release date for Ivan’s book but I’m just not sure yet. I leave for Tennessee the second week in August (Indie Author Convention) and if everything goes according to plan, the book will be in my editor’s hands before I go. It takes about a month to travel through two editors and a proof reader. As soon as I type The End, I’ll announce a release date in the newsletter.

In the mean time, here’s the promised excerpt (unedited):

I looked the boy up and down—skinny and way too young. “No thank you. Bandage?” I held it out to him though I figured he’d take off running.

He surprised me and grabbed it from my hand.

“You really did fucking kill them.”

Crap, hero worship shown on his face. That’s all I needed. “Just wrap it tight but not so tight it cuts off the circulation.”

He squatted down but looked up. “Does only having one arm make the other one super strong?”

This kid had quite the imagination but really, he was looking at his worst nightmare he just didn’t know it. “Something like that.”

He began wrapping. It didn’t help the pain but I knew it would give my leg stability. I’d pushed my endurance further than I should have.

“Where do you live?”

I wasn’t paying attention and his voice startled me. “I don’t.”

“You don’t live anywhere?”


He looked around before bringing his gaze back to mine. “You can stay with me. It’s not the greatest but you can get cleaned up and use some of my mom’s clothes.”

He was such a stupid kid. “What about your mom?”

“She hasn’t come home for a week. She’s tweaked out somewhere and won’t be back until the money runs out or the guy kicks her out.”

“How old are you?”

He didn’t blink his one good eye. “Eighteen.”

I stepped on his toes and put unhuman pressure downward. “How old are you?”

“Oww, I’ll be sixteen in a few weeks but don’t say anything. I don’t need the bitches from CPS knowing my mom isn’t home again.”

I saw the panic he tried to hide with toughness. “I won’t, how far is it?”

“The apartment’s about a mile. Can you hoof it?”

I didn’t smile at the term hoof because it made me hungry. “Yes, what’s your name?”

“Rondy, what’s yours?”



Thank you for reading my stories! Your email and Facebook messages put a smile on my face. And thank you for your incredible patience with my writing.



The Fang Chronicles books are now available at the iBookstore:

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Procrastination On The Back Burner

disturbedNow that I’m a full-time writer, it’s easier than ever to procrastinate. I tend to get sidetracked with everything going on around me. I’m sure my Facebook friends will attest to this. I start every morning on Twitter and Facebook, and I mean every morning. An hour goes by in a blink. I refuse to admit to three.

Hiring an assistant/publicist was a no brainer for me. Having someone find those cute and sexy Facebook pics is an added bonus. I wish I could say I’m spoiled but it’s simply not true. This awesome lady kicks my butt.

“A newsletter, you need a newsletter!”

Ha… thus procrastination. The laugh was really on me because a “fill in the blank” edition arrived in my in-box this week.

“Post your introduction here”

“Post what you’re working on here”

And so it went. Two hours later, my first newsletter was ready to go and The Writing Chronicles came to life. The funny thing, I enjoyed every minute and I’m proud of the end result. Even the design, which I had nothing to do with, is perfect. So, without further procrastination or bragging, I hope you’ll click on the link below and read the first issue. There’s a signup button in the right-hand column of the newsletter too. I promise not to overwhelm your in-box but I’ll let you know when I have a new book releasing or might be in your area for a book signing.

Now back to writing, I swear!


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Dragons Don’t Cry Blog Tour


Thirty-one Blogs in seven days. You can win a $25 Amazon gift certificate and free copies of Dragons Don’t Cry. You can also take my blog challenge for another chance to win. Leave a comment at one tour stop each day (7 comments total). You can do them all at once on Sunday or every few days. Once you complete the challenge, leave a comment here that you want in the drawing and I will draw a name for an additional $25 Amazon or B&N gift certificate on Tuesday 4/8/2014.

I’ll update the tour stops each day. Enjoy these great blogs and have fun, good luck!  

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Dragons Don’t Cry Happy Dance

DM-DragonsdCry-750x1125FINALLY, “Dragons Don’t Cry” is out. I’ve never anticipated the release of a book as much as this one… ever. Maybe because I carried the story in my head for so long and didn’t have time to write it. I finally jumped up the release date from fall to spring just so I could get it out of my mind but had to kick another book to the curb in order to finish dragons.

Drats, it didn’t work. Book two is burning a hole in my mind. I find myself working on other scheduled books but jumping into Dragons Don’t Love because I think of a conversation, plot twist, or… you get the picture. It also doesn’t help that I have the cover and it’s gorgeous.

But this post is about Bastian and Acasia.

My world of dragons begins with a curse after the Goddess Hera kills all but four dragons. The curse entails each surviving dragon choosing a human bride every one-hundred years. The dragons fall in love, and then watch their human slowly die of old age making them live out the remainder of the one-hundred years without their heart’s companion.

Bastian is my red dragon from the tip of his spiked tail to the red glow in his eyes. And of course when he shifts to human he’s about as HAWT as a man can be. He’s also secretive, territorial, stubborn, and on occasion—not the brightest crayon in the box.

Then we have Acasia… brave, inquisitive, foolish, and most of all loving. Bastian has sworn not to love again but Acasia soon gets under his skin.

bastian dragon

Bastian my Red Dragon

One reviewer gave me a wonderful quote that captures my world of dragons perfectly.

“A fairytale for grownups” BookBeauty Blog http://holic.auriga.uberspace.de/

There are four books planned in the series and I have the plots roughly mapped out in my brain. I have a feeling all release dates will move up because early feedback is requiring more dragons right now.

Fang Chronicles: Ivan is still on schedule for June. The first half of the book is about Talya coming of age and Ivan coming to terms with the loss of his mate. I love these two with all their struggles but mostly for their heart.

Here are the buy links for Dragons Don’t Cry:

iBooks: http://tinyurl.com/ppja24l 

Amazon US: http://tinyurl.com/m8dl6ou

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/odfb86f

B&N: http://tinyurl.com/q84xkoa

ARE: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-dragonsdon039tcry-1461451-143.html

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/421100

Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/dragons-don-t-cry

Cover Reveal: Dragons Don’t Cry


Meet Bastian and Acasia.

They will be front and center on March 31st. To say I’m excited about this book is an understatement. I had so much fun with these two while building the dragon realm. I hope you want some humor with your dragons because this was always planned as a laughter filled series. Bastian and Acasia’s story is also quite emotional but, as always, I promise a happy ending.

Last week I received the cover for Dragons Don’t Love. My fingers are itching to hit the keyboard with the next dragon adventure. But NO! Fang first. I’m working on Ivan and loving the story. He’s been special since Book I: Amy’s Story and only Dmitri surpasses him in book-boyfriend mail. I want Ivan to be worthy.

Here’s a very short teaser from Dragons Don’t Cry:

At his words, my feet gave way and my ass hit the stone floor hard. His eye dipped, moving down to stay level with mine. His nostrils flared, hot air blowing my hair back. He breathed in, his long snout running indecently along my body, actually touching the robe.

“I do not like the smell of your fear.”

I sat on my sore bottom, stunned. My anger rose. Never in my entire life had I felt so furious. I pulled my arm back and my fist flew. Instantaneous pain. “Ow, that hurt.” I swear his nose was made of iron.

This time when his head flew back, his throat arching and fire flaring outward, I knew what he was going to do.

The damned dragon laughed at me.


I have three large signing events on my calendar this year. Here are the links if you live in the area and would like to visit:

Vegas: July 9-13 Romance Novel Convention  

Lebanon, TN: September 10-13 Indie Romance Convention

Phoenix, AZ: October 16-19 Author Reader Convention

Happy reading,


Of Fur and Fangs Bundle

of fur and fangsI have so much news for the fang world and I’ll start with the book bundle that features Mandy’s Story. Of Fur and Fang brings together five authors with six full-length books for $2.99. I know you’ve all read Mandy’s Story but the bundle gives you some great authors you may not know about yet. I’ve been a fan of them for a long time and was thrilled to be invited. The bundle will also be on blog tour from March 17 thru March 31. I’ll post the blog stops here in March so you have a chance to win the giveaways.

Amazon Buy Link

Here’s the rundown of the books:

BIG BAD BEAST by Skhye Moncrief- Each wants the other, but neither can stand to be in the same room together…And each has secretly lusted for the other like a dark explosive sin. Stand back and watch the fireworks light up the Minnesota Territory’s post-apocalyptic sky because the BIG BAD BEAST can’t help but to huff and to puff and to blow Josie’s house in…

FERAL FASCINATIONS by Skhye Moncrief- Their blood lust flares hotter than a solar storm…She seduced an earthling to create their were-assassin blood bond. Shanghaied to fight a war between vampires and werewolves, his gut shouts escape. But humanity needs a hero. Colliding in a universe of psychic mind-reading games, each realizes trusting the other is as dangerous as buying into their FERAL FASCINATIONS.

THE GEORGIAN EMBRACE by Sky Purington- Everything changes for eighteenth century Isabel when Devin, a mysterious stranger claiming to be from the future, appears on her Georgian’s worksite. Even as smoldering, unavoidable desire ignites between them they must struggle to stay one step ahead of the time-warping house caught in Calum’s Curse. Better yet, the rival werewolf determined to finish the legacy it began.

CARNAL THIRST by Celeste Anwar- When Danior found the woman being drained of life by one of his clan, for some unfathomable reason, he knew he could not allow her to die. Against the ruling of the council, Danior secrets her away, taking her through the change from human into vampire and forever changing life as she knows it. But the move ensures they will be outcasts–hunted to the death by his people.

THE PROTECTORS DAMON by Teresa Gabelman- The Vampire Council Warriors have been ordered to train social workers how to protect themselves against vampire attacks. VC Warrior Damon DeMaster’s and social worker Nicole Callahan clash at their first meeting. Even as sparks fly and tensions mount, Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races against the new drug hitting the streets, Crimson Rush.

red dragon


**BREAKING NEWS: My other surprise is the release of Dragons Don’t Cry. It’ll be out March 31st and I’ll be on blog tour through April 6th. I’ll post the tour schedule here so you have a chance to win eBooks and gift certificates. March 3rd is the cover reveal and I’ll post it here too.

Dragons Don’t Cry is listed on Goodreads and if you mark it as “to read” it helps build excitement. Link

Everyone is asking about Ivan’s Story and it’s scheduled for June 🙂

Two ladies/readers started a fun group on “Facebook Fang Chronicles Readers Group” If you want in just friend me and send a PM to be invited or you can click the link above and ask to join.

Have a wonderful fang filled day!